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10 Drug Addiction Behavior Signs and Traits You Should Know About

10 Drug Addict Behavior Signs and Traits You Should Know About Do you suspect that someone you know is on drugs? Here are 10 drug addict behavior signs and what to do about it. Keyword(s): addict behavior Drug use has a very real, very frightening dark side. Between 2002 and 2017, illicit substance overdoses caused over 70,000 deaths. And with an ongoing opioid crisis, things may soon grow worse. Because of this ever-present threat, it’s important to know what to look for if you suspect a loved one may be using and abusing drugs. Knowing how to spot addict behavior may even save their life. Though there is hope, you’ll first need to know how to spot a problem in the first place. Here are 10 signs of addict behavior you’ll want to keep an eye out for. 1. Irritability Everyone feels frustrated or angry sometimes. In fact, a little frustration is

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The Power of Acceptance

When I got out of prison after serving time for a DUI Serious Bodily Injury conviction, day-to- day life was overwhelming, to say the least. For four years, I’d never had to make a decision for myself, and I found I’d forgotten how to cope with life’s unpredictability due to being away from society for so long. But, even though I was already struggling to adjust, things managed to get worse: my long-time boyfriend broke up with me, the kitten I’d just adopted from a local shelter died from a rare virus and I couldn’t get hired anywhere due to my “felon” label. Life as a free woman was nothing like I expected it to be, and all I wanted to do was give up and check myself back into the gated community. But a big part of me knew I’d come too far to simply run away when times

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Having Fun in Sobriety

You did it – you took that first step by becoming sober.  But now that drugs and alcohol are out of the picture, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to ever have fun again without using.  This is a common concern for those in early sobriety, but one that is entirely possible to overcome. So, if you’re looking to have fun while in recovery, put a couple of these tips to the test and see what they do for you: Get Active During physical activity, our bodies release chemicals called endorphins.  These endorphins interact with the receptors in the brain and trigger a positive feeling in the body, known as a “runner’s high.”   This runner’s high can have a profound effect on mental health and can relieve stress and improve memory, as well. Yoga, jogging, hiking – all of these activities can put you in a better frame of mind

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The Lesser Known Stage of Withdrawal: PAWS

If you’re thinking about getting sober, chances are you’ve heard about the dreaded withdrawal symptoms that occur not long after quitting drugs and alcohol.  But did you know there’s a second stage of withdrawal that’s not as well-known?  Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS, is a series of ongoing withdrawal symptoms – largely psychological and mood-related – that occur after the initial acute withdrawal symptoms have gone away. These symptoms are individual to the drug that was used, but typically include: severe mood swings; anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure from anything beyond use of the drug); insomnia; extreme drug craving and obsession; hostility or aggression; anxiety and panic attacks; depression; and general cognitive impairment The onset of PAWS usually occurs around four to eight weeks after getting sober, with each withdrawal episode usually lasting for a few days. So, why does this even have to happen?  Isn’t the first stage

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