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Arise Recovery Centers were created to provide our clients with affordable, transparent, individualized, best practice, and effective Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Fort Worth while staying grounded in the principles of 12 step recovery.

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Fort Worth Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

We pride ourselves on providing a unique and truly personalized Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Fort Worth TX for our clients. At Arise Recovery Centers, our goal is to provide the support, resources, and tools necessary for individuals to achieve lasting recovery and regain control of their lives.

Fort Worth IOP Services

Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program in Fort Worth TX includes at least 1 hour of individual therapy per week. This is a time when you will meet with one of our master’s level clinicians to do some more in-depth and private therapy. Our patients find this intimate time with their Arise Recovery Centers counselor hugely beneficial as it allows them to express themselves with a trusted source.

At Arise Recovery Centers in Fort Worth, one-on-one sessions with our master’s level clinicians can be so helpful during addiction treatment because:

  • They give you a place to work on emotional or psychological problems that are too sensitive or difficult to discuss in groups
  • They give you more time to address motivational issues that can stand between you and sobriety
  • They can support and build on the work you do in groups to help you stay committed to treatment
  • They can help define roadblocks, help develop a plan of action, and set realistic, attainable personal goals

At Arise Recovery Centers in Fort Worth TX, our group therapy sessions are led by master’s level therapists. Being able to interact with other individuals who are struggling with some of the same issues can be quite helpful for those in early recovery. Group therapy during our Fort Worth Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment also helps individuals realize that they are not alone and allows them to share information and experiences with one another, boosting confidence and self-esteem. Overall, sharing experiences and feelings has been proven to reduce stress, guilt, and pain among individuals in group therapy.

There are many benefits in attending a group therapy counseling session during our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program in Fort Worth TX. For one, it allows you the opportunity to listen to other stories and participate in the group setting. It is a good feeling for our patients to know they are safe to share their personal journey in a setting that holds no judgment, bias, or negative responses. Many Fort Worth TX IOP group members will strike a chord with you on a deeper level and allow you to discuss problems you are facing in your own life.

You will also meet new people from the area since patients from all over Fort Worth come to Arise Recovery Centers for our outstanding group sessions. It is normal to feel a bit of anxiety or to have fear about expressing yourself in front of others, but our patients quickly learn that the warm environment offered at Arise Recovery Centers allows them to embrace the group setting and become comfortable to interact.

Arise Recovery Centers believes that integrating your family and loved ones into your alcohol addiction recovery is vital. This is why we educate the family on the disease of alcohol addiction and the different ways that family members are affected.

During your Fort Worth Outpatient Addiction Treatment, we will have 1-2 days where family members or loved ones are invited to attend so they can be made aware of your progress and also learn steps necessary for them to assist you in long term recovery when you leave Arise Recovery Centers.

Addiction is often called “a family disease” for good reason. Your family is in pain. Your family has been hurt and may also have caused a lot of the pain. At Arise Recovery Centers in Fort Worth, we help in setting healthy boundaries and rebuilding trusting relationships.

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