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Our SOP & IOP in Austin

Arise Recovery Centers were created to provide our clients with affordable, transparent, individualized, best practice, and effective Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab treatment while staying grounded in the principles of 12 step recovery. Our Intensive Outpatient Program IOP in Austin TX allows our clients to receive the addiction treatment that they need in a local, comfortable setting. Unlike residential programs, Austin IOP & SOP Programs enable patients to continue with their daily lives while still receiving the necessary treatment for substance abuse.

Program Details

The average length of our IOP Program Rehab in Austin TX is 8 weeks and the average length of our Supportive Outpatient Program (SOP) is 10 weeks. The first phase of treatment is the Austin IOP Program Rehab. After successfully completing the first phase of the IOP Program, clients will step down to the SOP Program. 

Our IOP patients meet in groups of 8-12, 3 times per week for 3 hours during each session. By comparison, SOP patients meet only once every week. In these sessions, our Austin TX Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab clients will be introduced to various evidence-based treatment methods. 

If our client needs to detox or have a medical withdrawal prior to entering our Austin TX IOP Program, we work with many hospitals and detox facilities that can safely get the individual through the withdrawal phase.

Arise Recovery Centers in Austin TX offers FREE consultations to help you get the care you need. That means no commitment, no obligation. Call us now at 737-258-3326 or submit a form to schedule your FREE consultation at our Austin TX location.

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Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Austin TX

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Austin TX is a great option for clients as they can learn how to stay sober in a real-life setting. Outpatient treatment also has a much lower cost than in-patient residential treatment. Outpatient treatment isn’t for everyone though; Some individuals will need to go to an inpatient treatment center. Our team of clinical experts in Austin TX will help find the appropriate level of care for each individual during the patient’s initial assessment.

Drug & Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Rehab Programs

Austin IOP Program Rehab

We pride ourselves on providing a unique and truly personalized Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment experience for our clients. Our counselors have achieved the highest certifications, and our primary focus is to deliver an IOP Treatment Plan that is tailored to each patient’s needs and environment. During our IOP Program Rehab in Austin TX, we work with each individual to heal their mind, body, and spirit, as they develop new life skills that result in long-term recovery. Our Austin IOP services include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Counseling

Call us now at 737-258-3326 or submit a form to schedule your FREE consultation at our Austin TX location.

Supportive Outpatient Program Austin TX

Once our client completes the Austin IOP Program Rehab, the next phase in our Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab is stepping down to the SOP Program. SOP is designed to integrate individual counseling and group counseling in an effort to support and sustain successful recovery from drugs, alcohol, or both. Our SOP focuses on clients continuing on their path to recovery and provides a safe support structure to reinforce positive behaviors, strengthen relapse prevention skills and boost self-esteem.

The SOP Program lasts an average of 10 weeks, and it is less time consuming for our clients. During SOP, clients will be required to attend 1 group session and then meet with their therapist for 1 hour each week. In these SOP sessions, we will continue to use evidence-based treatment methods to focus on relapse prevention, life skills, and reintegration to normal life.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Supportive Outpatient Programs


Why Choose Us for Austin TX IOP Treatment?

Check out this KHOU Channel 11 interview with Arise Recovery Centers’ CEO, Danny Andino, and accomplished Lead Clinician, Sonia Ruiz, to learn more about our expertise in the industry. In this engaging conversation, Danny reveals the driving force behind Arise Recovery Centers’ success and our unique approach to addiction treatment. Discover how our comprehensive programs empower individuals to overcome substance abuse and reclaim their lives, nurturing lasting recovery and personal growth. You can also click here to learn more about the story behind Arise Recovery Centers!

Convenient Location for IOP Program in Austin TX

Arise Recovery Centers’ goal is to provide convenient access to first-class Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment throughout Texas. We strategically open our IOP Program Rehabs in areas that require less than a 15-mile drive. We currently have five locations across Dallas-Fort Worth, four locations across Greater Houston, and our newest location in Austin TX. Call Arise Recovery Centers now at 737-258-3326 or submit a form to schedule your FREE consultation at our Austin TX location.

Arise Recovery Centers - Austin TX
7600 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757
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