Alcohol Rehab & Treatment Center Serving Pearland TX

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs For PEarland Patients

Our Intensive (IOP) and Supportive (SOP) Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs offer patients from Pearland TX and surrounding areas a variety of outpatient Alcohol Treatment services. Our counselors have achieved the highest certifications and are focused on delivering personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs and environment. We are committed to providing treatment to help our clients heal and enable them to THRIVE in a life of sobriety without Alcohol Addiction!


Pearland Texas Alcohol Rehab & Treatment Services

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Individual Counseling for Alcohol Rehab

Arise Recovery Centers offers Pearland patients one-on-one Alcohol Rehab counseling, which allows an individual the freedom and safety to talk to a licensed counselor in a private setting. Though group therapy and self-help meetings are crucial aspects of addiction treatment for many people, they don’t always offer the individual attention you need during recovery. Arise offers individual counseling sessions with our master’s level therapists every week. During these counseling sessions, the patient meets with his or her counselor to work together to discuss specific problems and concerns, define personal goals, and address issues that need to be worked through. We invite patients from Pearland TX and surrounding areas to come visit our Houston recovery center to learn more about our individual counseling services for Alcohol Addiction Recovery.

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Group Therapy for Alcohol Recovery

Many of our Pearland TX patients prefer and do well in a group setting, which is a Alcohol Counseling group that generally includes about 8 or more people. Arise schedules group sessions every week, 3 nights a week from 6 – 9 PM. In our group therapy, you will find a unique blend of addiction treatment modalities with evidence-based practices, experiential workshops, 12-step support, spiritual development, and life skills. Men and women of all walks of life benefit from group therapy and come to Arise Recovery Centers from Pearland and surrounding areas to become a part of our group sessions.

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Family Counseling & Therapy for Alcohol Addiction

At Arise Recovery Centers, we believe that integrating your family and loved ones into your recovery is vital. At Arise Recovery Centers we educate the family on the disease of Alcohol Addiction and the different ways that family members are affected. During your IOP we will have 1-2 days where family members or loved ones are invited to attend so they can be made aware of your progress and also learn steps necessary for them to assist you in long term recovery.