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Our Alcohol Rehab Programs in Houston

Our Intensive (IOP) and Supportive (SOP) Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs in Houston TX offer patients a variety of outpatient Alcohol Treatment services. Our counselors have achieved the highest certifications and are focused on delivering personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs and environment. We are committed to providing treatment to help our clients in Houston heal and enable them to THRIVE in a life of sobriety without Alcohol Addiction!

Houston Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Services

Because every client’s journey to alcohol addiction recovery is different, Arise Recovery Centers of Houston prides itself on providing a unique and truly personalized experience for our clients through a combination of alcohol addiction treatment services. These Houston Outpatient Alcohol Rehab services include:

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IOP Outpatient Alcohol rehab in Houston TX

Our IOP Program Rehab groups meet 3 times per week for 3 hours each session. Our groups usually have 8-12 people in each group, and we offer both day and evening group sessions. In these sessions, our clients will be introduced to various evidence-based treatment methods including but not limited to DBT, CBT, Experiential, 12 steps, relapse prevention, and life skills. Our clients will also meet with their therapist for 1 hour each week. The total programming for our Houston TX Outpatient Alcohol Rehab IOP is 10 hours per week. The average length of our IOP is 8 weeks.

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Individual Counseling During Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Arise Recovery Centers offers Houston TX patients one-on-one Alcohol Rehab counseling, which allows an individual the freedom and safety to talk to a licensed counselor in a private setting. Though group therapy and self-help meetings are crucial aspects of addiction treatment for many people, they don’t always offer the individual attention you need during alcohol addiction recovery. Arise offers individual counseling sessions with our master’s level therapists every week. During these counseling sessions, the patient meets with his or her Alcohol Rehab counselor to work together to discuss specific problems and concerns, define personal goals, and address issues that need to be worked through. We invite patients from Houston TX and surrounding areas to Call us now at 888-339-2747 or Submit a Form to schedule your FREE consultation to learn more about our individual counseling services for Alcohol Addiction Recovery.

Arise Recovery Centers Group Therapy & Counseling

Group Therapy During Alcohol Rehab

Many of our Houston TX patients prefer and do well in a group setting, which is a Alcohol Counseling group that generally includes about 8 or more people. Arise schedules group sessions in Houston every week, 3 nights a week from 6 – 9 PM. In our group therapy, you will find a unique blend of alcohol addiction treatment modalities with evidence-based practices, experiential workshops, 12-step support, spiritual development, and life skills. Men and women of all walks of life benefit from group therapy and come to Arise Recovery Centers of Houston TX to become a part of our outpatient group sessions.

Arise Recovery Centers - Family Therapy

Alcohol Rehab Family Counseling

At Arise Recovery Centers, we believe that integrating your family and loved ones into your recovery is vital. At Arise Recovery Centers in Houston, we educate the family on the disease of Alcohol Addiction and the different ways that family members are affected. During your IOP Program in Houston, we will have 1-2 days where family members or loved ones are invited to attend so they can be made aware of your progress and also learn steps necessary for them to assist you in long term alcohol addiction recovery.


Additional Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Services

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing can be effective therapy for post-traumatic stress.
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Telemedicine Therapy

Telemedicine Therapy

We offer individual & group counseling sessions via our telehealth platform.
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Supportive Outpatient Program

Supportive Outpatient Program

SOP is the next phase of treatment after the client completes the IOP phase.
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Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

Our team is dedicated to giving you the tools needed to thrive in your new life of sobriety.
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Aftercare Planning

Aftercare Planning

Each client receives a detailed, individualized plan with options to continue receiving care.
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Alcohol Addiction Help in Houston

At Arise Recovery Centers in Houston TX, we know that alcohol addiction affects each person differently. Through the research of alcohol addiction studies and dedicated alcohol recovery work with our clients, we’ve identified that many factors can contribute to the negative or unhealthy behaviors associated with alcohol addiction. These can include the amount and type of alcohol consumed, mental health condition, a person’s genetics, home and social environment, stress, a history of trauma / abuse, and more. This variety of factors makes every person’s alcohol addiction treatment and recovery process different. However, there are common signs of alcohol abuse that families and friends should watch out for in order to known if their loved one might need professional alcohol recovery help.



With alcohol addiction and abuse cases rising in Texas and across the United States, Houston TX residents are no exception when it comes to the struggles of overcoming alcohol abuse. Without professional addiction treatment and therapy programs, overcoming alcohol addiction can often be a frustrating, challenging process for individuals and their loved ones. At Arise Recovery Centers, we believe that each person’s journey to recovery is different. Our alcohol addiction recovery professionals are committed to providing the right SOP & IOP Programs and treatments that can heal and enable our clients to THRIVE in a life of sobriety without Alcohol Addiction! Call us now at 888-339-2747 or Submit a Form to schedule your FREE consultation.

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