Meet Sherri Stidham

Sherri Stidham | Arise Recovery Centers Admissions Specialist

Admissions Specialist

Sherri is a current student at Dallas College completing her Associate’s Degree in Web Production and Design. She intends to pursue her Bachelors in Psychology when she graduates next Spring. She knows firsthand what addiction and alcoholism can do to a person. She has been sober since February 10th of 2018. The daughter of an alcoholic Father who died without finding recovery, helping others find help and achieve recovery is extremely important to her. She takes the responsibility of helping clients admit to Arise Recovery Centers or guiding them to the appropriate level of care very seriously. She recognizes the barriers that prevent people from getting treatment and is committed to continuing to grow and learn creative ways to assist clients and their families. As a woman in long-term recovery who needed a lot of help to find recovery, she understands how vital support is to those newly sober. Her only goal is to provide anyone calling Arise with the information they need to find the care they need. 

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