Meet Julie Willingham

Fort Worth PM Therapist

Julie has been a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) and program director of several treatment facilities for 30 years now. In December, she will graduate with a master’s degree in Addiction Counseling from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Her work with addiction requires her to also be an expert in identifying and treating co-occurring mental health issues, as addiction is rarely isolated.

The past 30 years have given Julie the opportunity to work with thousands of clients and their families. She measures her effectiveness by the many who still stay in touch with her and those who now work in treatment and recovery positions themselves.

Julie’s professional and personal experiences combine to increase her effectiveness in helping others. She started abusing substances at age 13, attended individual counseling and IOP treatment while an adolescent, and got clean and sober in residential treatment at age 24. Thirty-eight years later, Julie gladly continues to work in a recovery program to maintain her sobriety, happiness, resilience, and gratitude in action.

When not at work, Julie spends her time enjoying family and friends, making stained glass windows, hiking and being outdoors, and celebrating her happy destiny!

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