Meet Erinn Johnson

Erinn Johnson | Arise Recovery Centers Dallas AM Therapist

Dallas AM Therapist

Erinn is well-versed and experienced in art, expressive and integrative therapy, and very passionate about inner healing through holistic, eclectic, mind-body modalities. With a Bachelors in Fine Art from Stephen F. Austin State University and Masters in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon State University. Working as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and aspiring to obtain a Licensed Professional Counselor/Art Therapist licensure.  

“You are the victim of the rules you live by”- the uncomfortable familiar. Curiosity is the esteem. Erinn has a very delicate introspection of perspective, philosophy, and people. She grew up with the innate curiosity of exploring worldviews through creativity. Through various realms of media, Erinn has been able to exercise her approaches into addictions, substance use, and traumatic-related experiences. Holstering a background in rehabilitation, maintenance assistance treatment, and management.  

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