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Staying Sober in a Wine Mom Culture

Recently, I went to dinner with an old friend, and as we caught up, she described her life as a working mother of two.  She recounted all the extracurricular activities she chauffeured her kids to, the challenging career she had as a lawyer and then the hectic evenings getting everyone fed and to bed on time.  How did her nights end?  “With lots and lots of wine,” she replied.  

It’s true - being a mom is tough.  It can be a stressful, isolating and lonely time, and now, with social media added to the mix, there’s the added pressure of being the perfect parent, as well.   But more and more mothers seem to be turning to alcohol to deal with the stressful demands of childrearing these days – whether it be partaking in boozy playdates or cracking open a bottle to unwind as soon as the work day ends.  In fact, between 2002 and 2013, the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions reported that the number of women who consumed more than four drinks a day rose by almost 60 percent, while those meeting the criteria for alcohol use disorders – or problem drinking that increases over time – rose by nearly 83.7 percent.

The rise of the mommy-boozing culture is fueled in part by the fact that our society seems to encourage it.  Everywhere you look there are messages advocating moms to knock a few back to deal with stress -- T-shirts, tacky gifts, Instagram memes.  So, what is a sober mother to do?  Experts suggest sober parents find an alternative social group to hang out with – friends who don’t rely on a mid-afternoon glass of pinot grigio to get through the day.  They also suggest other forms of stress management to unwind, such as meditation, acupuncture or a nice, long bath.  Finally, they believe it is crucial to adhere to common methods of self-care, such as regular exercise, eating right and getting a good night’s sleep – all of which will help you stay strong against temptation.  

Life can be pretty stressful, but finding a non-alcoholic form of stress management has it benefits.  Not only will it help give you the energy to pay more attention to your kids, but it will allow you to be more present with your family – which is ultimately the greatest gift you can give them.  

If you are concerned that your drinking has become a problem, Arise Recovery Centers can help.  With facilities in both Southlake and Fort Worth, we provide intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare and individual and group therapy for those struggling with problem drinking.  For more information on our individually tailored drug and alcohol treatment programs, contact us at 1-888-DFW-ARISE (1-888-339-2747) or by email at [email protected]