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We realize how important your employees are to your success. Our goal is to allow them to continue working while they receive the treatment needed. This is the main benefit to outpatient treatment as opposed to residential treatment. Your employee can get healthy while staying on the job keeping your company running smoothly. 


One of the largest groups of people who indirectly suffer from addiction is employers. The US Department of Labor has documented the extent of the problem created in businesses by substance abuse and addiction. The professions that most frequently experience problems with substance abuse are construction workers, sales personnel, food service workers and bartenders, laborers and machine operators. But despite this shortlist, anyone in any business anywhere can suffer the destructive effects of addiction.

Those who are trapped in substance abuse are more likely to make it hard for a business to stay profitable. They are far more likely to show up late or miss work, quit suddenly or change jobs often. They show up late more frequently than sober employees and are nearly four times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident and five times more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim. Arise Recovery Centers in Southlake and Fort Worth, TX are here to help you and your employees. 

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