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Arise was created to bring healing, knowledge, proven therapies, cutting edge technologies, and full transparency to individuals and families that have been hit with addiction.  
Our CEO and Co-Founder, Danny Andino, knows addiction first hand. Danny was once at the peak of his medical sales career when addiction began to consume his life. Danny entered drug treatment on 11/17/2011 and by the grace of God and his commitment to use the tools he was equipped with, Danny is still sober today. He is not just sober, but is now walking in the destiny that was his all along. After working in the addiction/recovery industry for the last three years, Danny has seen first-hand the effects of addiction. Danny knows that his calling is to help people heal and break the chains of addiction that are preventing them from living the lives they were created for. Danny has found freedom and he wants the same freedom to be found for others who are battling addiction. We believe that with the tools that we will share with you, that you too can thrive and live the life that you were created to live. 
ARISE equals: heal, inspire, overcome, break the chains of addiction, believe, fulfill, restore, equip, encourage, thrive,